Heartstopper Series by Alice Oseman

Heartstopper Series by Alice Oseman

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  • Graphic Novel / Comic
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary


It's the first day back at Truham Grammar High School. Charlie Spring, an openly gay year 10, is seated next to Nick Nelson, a year 11 boy from the rugby team. Despite having been at the same school, the two have never properly met before. However, after being assigned next to each other in the new vertical form classrooms, they're quick to become close friends. Texting and spending quality time together on a regular basis, the two are quick to become very close friends. But with this closeness, Charlies develops feelings for Nick that he is unsure goes both ways. In this recently Netflix adapted graphic novel series, created by Alice Oseman, we follow Nick, Charlie, Elle, Tao, Tara and Darcy, through the world of friendship, young love, loyalty, and identity.


It's not often I come across a book series that I would read in one sitting. But of the very few on that list, Heartstopper is definitely one of them. In these heartwarming novels, Alice Oseman achieves a positive representation of queer love. Telling a story not of tragedy but of acceptance and celebration in identity and sexuality. Depicting so many relevant topics and presenting them in a realistic way, these books can be incredibly comforting. Whether you experience mental health issues, are going through a sexuality crisis, or are finding it difficult being yourself in this homophobic and transphobic world, Heartstopper can be your best friend, and can help you feel like your not alone in your struggles. It's safe to say that after reading all four books I've grown attached to the characters and how they find themselves in this world, and I cannot stress enough how excited I am to continue Charlie and Nick's story next year when the fifth book is released in February.  


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