Beyond Coffee and Scones

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That’s USA Today best-selling author Lee Murray’s promotional pitch for ‘Beyond Coffee and Scones’ – a second anthology by the Oropi Writing Group of Marian Penman, Annie Rae Te Ake Ake, the late Gay Prasad, Moana Bianchin, Carol Garden and Lila Parry.

“Blending memoir and make-believe,” says Lee.

“Perfect for readers who enjoy their coffee with a slice of life.”

Anthology II is an assortment of fresh writing challenges for the Oropi group. There’s a medley of memoirs – like Lila Parry’s ‘Jessie’s Stand’.

“There was even talk of a mythical pig nicknamed ‘Beezlebub’. This caught Jessie’s vivid imagination. She begged her parents for so long and with such earnest intensity, that they eventually agreed to let her join the hunt.”

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ISBN: 9781738605606
Publication date:
19 August 2023
Pages: 240