A Remarkable Woman

A Remarkable Woman

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Avril Montdidier is on a mission: to emigrate to Australia and start her own fashion business, leaving the tragedies of the Second World War behind her.

She has family in Melbourne and an apprenticeship at Dior in Paris under her tailored belt, so the future seems bright. Avril settles into 1950s Melbourne and makes friends and contacts for her business-to-be. But just as she's ready to begin, an event in her personal life forces her to make the difficult decision to flee to a cattle station in southern Queensland to work as a nanny.

It is here Avril meets Tim: the eldest son of her benefactor and heir to Monaghan Station. Their mutual attraction is immediate, but Tim is already bound to another. Avril must grapple with her twin desires - her love for Tim and the impossibility of their situation, and her yearning to stand on her own two feet and gain independence. It will take a remarkable woman to find her way to happiness.