Catch A Falling Star

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The compelling prequel to Catch Me When You Fall.

A fifteen-year-old reaches for stardom as he slides into psychosis.

Francesca – known to everyone as Frankie – has scored the part of Princess Fiona in the forthcoming musical production. Even though Jamie Orange has missed out on the part of Shrek, he’s happy:

The day I found out I was a donkey was one of the best days of my life.

He may not be Frankie’s leading man on stage, but he can still try to win her heart. However, all is not well with Jamie. He can’t sleep, he can’t stop his thoughts:

My brain was still wired, racing around in circles or spirals or – gah, it was driving me crazy. If only there was a magic switch so I could turn it off.

Bouncing between exultant highs and terrible lows, what will happen when this rising star starts to fall?

The compelling prequel to the bestselling Catch Me When You Fall:
‘My best pick for 2018 for young adults, the standout for me was Catch Me When You Fall . . . it's kind of heart-wrenching and really real and quirky and a great teen read.’ – James Russell, Radio NZ

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ISBN: 9781776953400
Publication date:
4 July 2023
Pages: 240