Codename Faust

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Codename Faust is the thrilling independent sequel to Gustaf Skordeman's successful debut, Geiger, which took the world by storm.

'What does Sara Nowak know?'

This is the last question priest Jurgen Stiller is asked before he is executed by ex-terrorist Faust. Then the killer begins the hunt for Sara Nowak.

Sara is fully occupied by the ongoing chaos in her personal life and she has no idea that she is being targeted until she is fired upon in her own home. The trail leads back to West Germany and a string of small, radical cells of terrorist fanatics. What was Operation Wahasha? Who is hiding behind the codename Faust? Sara Nowak has little to go on and meantime Faust is getting ever closer...
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ISBN: 9781838777821
Publication date:
07 Mar 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 432