Deep Down

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The much-anticipated novel from Imogen West-Knights and unmissable debut release of spring 2023

DEEP DOWN is a moving, witty, unexpected novel of family secrets, perfect for fans of Naoise Dolan, Katherine Heiny and Megan Nolan

Billie and Tom have just found out their father has died. Dislocated from each other and unable to talk about the trauma in their family's past, Billie decides the best thing to do is get on a plane to her brother in Paris. Maybe there they can find a way to heal?

As their story veers between present bereavement and flashbacks to growing up, we see the siblings search for common ground and attempt to repair old wounds. Following the tracks of their grief, Billie and Tom find themselves - unexpectedly - lost in the catacombs of Paris, confronting both each other and their own demons.

Funny, moving and unexpected, DEEP DOWN is a novel from a huge new talent who readers are going to love.

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ISBN: 9780349727103
Publication date:
FEB 28, 2023
Trade Paperback