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From the internationally bestselling author of Wintering comes this balm for anxious times and an invitation to rediscover the feelings of awe and wonder available to us all.

'Our sense of enchantment is not only triggered by grand things. The awe-inspiring, the numinous, is all around us, all the time. It is transformed by our deliberate attention. It becomes valuable when we value it. The magic is of our own conjuring...'

After years of pandemic life - parenting while working, battling anxiety about 
things beyond her control, feeling overwhelmed by the news-cycle and increasingly isolated - Katherine May feels bone-tired, on edge and depleted. Could there be another way to live? One that would allow her to feel more connected, more rested and at ease, even as seismic changes unfold on the planet?

Craving a different path, May begins to explore the restorative properties of 
the natural world - from a pebble in the hand to the humbling effects of the sea, the pleasure of the ground beneath her bare feet to the magic of a moon shadow. Through deliberate attention and ritual, she finds nourishment in the quiet reconnection with her environment.

Blending lyricism and storytelling, sensitivity and empathy, Enchantment invites each of us to open the door to human experience in all its sensual 
complexity, and to find the beauty waiting for us there.

'A beautiful, gentle exploration of the dark season of life and the light 
of spring that eventually follows.' - Raynor Winn, on WINTERING
'A book for the soul.' - Caitlin Moran, on WINTERING

ISBN: 9780571378340
Publication date:
07 Mar 2023
Pages: 240