Famous Five Adventures Collection

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All the excitement of a Famous Five adventure in three full-colour short stories, perfect for newly confident readers

Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy enjoy three exciting adventures in this collection, fully illustrated with bright new pictures. In the first story Timmy sniffs out an adventure when he sees some suspicious-looking passengers on a train. He is very interested in one of them, but what has he spotted? The second story sees George tangled up in some strange goings-on when she's only trying to get her hair cut. And finally, Good Old Timmy saves the day as usual when there's a little boy in danger on the beach.

These short stories are the perfect way to introduce young readers to the world's favourite adventurers and with three books in one, this is brilliant value too.

These are original short stories written by beloved author Enid Blyton, illustrated and published in a brand-new package that's perfect for today's new readers.

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