Forsythes Guide to trusts and Estate Practice (9th ed)

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This is a practical handbook which provides a clear and concise outline of the law relating to trusts, wills, executors and administrators. Changes have occurred in this area since the previous edition, particularly regarding challenges to trusts and this edition has been revised and updated to include the changes.

Topics covered include:

  • wills
  • gifts under wills
  • executors and administrators
  • Protection of Personal Property and Rights Act
  • the functions of a personal representative
  • succession of intestacy
  • the application of assets in payment of debts
  • introduction to trusts
  • introduction to asset and tax planning
  • revocation and avoidance of trusts
  • trustees
  • the administration of insolvent estates.

This eighth edition updates the law until January 2017 and includes changes to the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988, particularly with regard to enduring powers of attorney. 

References to relevant cases are also included throughout the book to help illustrate legal concepts.


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