From Renter to Owner

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Do the chances of buying your first home seem akin to winning the lottery? Well, don't despair because respected property and business journalist Susan Edmunds has done the hard work to reveal how to get you into your first home - sooner rather than later.

Most of us don't have a big inheritance or limitless funds from the Bank of Mum and Dad, so we need help getting into a first home and navigating the many different options available to the first home buyer. This book is packed full of up-to-date advice, including: Making the most of KiwiSaver to help you save enough for a deposit; how to get a loan with the lowest deposit possible.

Options for help from family - what's involved with a parent acting as guarantor; ways to pool your resources. How to apply for a loan - what banks look for; how to navigate loan-to-value restrictions; what grants and support are available from the Government. How to structure your loan. Buying off the plans - risks and rewards; how to protect yourself; what to look for in a new development. Is it kids versus home loan?

What you need to know if you're applying for a first home loan after you've had children. What sort of property should you look for - an apartment near town, a bigger house further out, maybe a home and income? Is it better to buy small and plan to move in a few years or stretch yourself as far as you can go to get into somewhere you could stay longer? Non-traditional buying options - how does it work to buy with friends? What are the tax implications of buying with the intention to Airbnb part of the house? Open homes - what to ask; what due diligence to do.

Making an offer/going to auction - how to make a winning bid and find properties that won't be in demand from developers. Settlement - what to expect on the day you take over. Buying a house as an investor once you have some equity in your first home.

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ISBN: 9781991006189
Allen & Unwin
Publication date:
14 March 2023
Pages: 304