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The Plated Prisoner Series Vol 2

The second novel in fantasy Tik Tok phenomenon The Plated Prisoner Series. Bestselling author, Raven Kennedy, continues the story of Auren as she discovers the truth of Midas' enemy - Commander Rip - and something begins to stir within her . . .

I've left the grips of one king to fall into the hands of another.

Rip's name is whispered in taverns and street corners throughout the kingdoms.

But as I get to know him, I realise he is something else.


Part of the powerful and magical people who abandoned this world hundreds of years ago.

But here one stands before me. And when he turns his onyx eyes upon me, I fall captive.

For an entirely different reason.

As his army marches towards a battle with the king I once adored, I must decide.

Midas or Rip.

Loyalty or freedom.


ISBN: 9781405955041
Publication date:
15 June 2022
Pages: 496