I'm Not As Well As I thought I Was

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Bestselling author and comedian, Ruby Wax, takes a candid, dark, and witty dive through her life and personal experiences with mental health, providing solace and advice for anyone out there who realises they aren't as well as they thought they were.

Checking into a psychiatric institution wasn't exactly on Ruby Wax's agenda for 2022 - writing about it wasn't either, but here we are. These days, trying to stay sane in a completely chaotic world makes life incredibly difficult, especially if you're struggling with your mental health. While searching for inner peace and equanimity amidst global chaos, Ruby realises that, ultimately, the most challenging gauntlet we all must face is ourselves.

I'm Not as Well as I Thought I Was is Ruby's most honest, rawest book to date - an insight into the depths of her psyche, and a stark exploration of what trauma can do to someone. Reflecting on years of personal and professional experience, she opens up to readers about her struggles with mental health and different treatments over the years, hoping to provide reassurance and guidance to anyone confronting their own anticipated, or unanticipated, struggles with mental health.

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ISBN: 9780241554906
Penguin NZ
Publication date:
16 May 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 256