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Super yachts and stereotypes, #MeToo blunders and post-apocalyptic bolt holes, locking down and locking up - a thoroughly entertaining novel!

High on the Southern Alps of New Zealand lies a fallen man, like ‘a black exclamation mark on a white page, Kiwi-noir face down in the snow’. Is he still alive?

This funny, fearless, thought-provoking novel trains its sights on us.

Kerry-Anne is kind, unlike her foster sister Joleen, who is a different kind of person altogether. Being locked down for Joleen will mean behind bars.

For Kerry-Anne’s ex-husband, the National MP Lyall Hull, lockdown will also take on a new meaning when he goes on a cycle trip instead of staying at home.

From lockdown in the Bay of Islands, Kerry-Anne tries to work out what both are up to. Will anyone come up smelling of roses?

‘Johnson has always had an eye for topicality’ — Steve Braunias

ISBN: 9781761047145

Publication date:
4 April 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 336