Lymph and Longevity

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The lymphatic system has been one of the most misunderstood systems in our bodies. Until now.

Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gerald M. Lemole explains why a healthy lymphatic flow aids our bodies in reducing toxins that contribute to disease and injury. In ten short chapters, Dr. Lemole demystifies the lymphatic system, describes how powerful it is and shows how to maintain a healthy lymph system to combat specific diseases and health problems - from heart disease to cognitive function to weight management.

Featuring sidebars with charts and graphs that illustrate basic principles, Lymph & Longevity also includes menus, recipes and information on supplements, as well as basic yoga and meditation guides.

9781472293978Illuminating, informative, and practical this essential guide is timelier now than ever as we continue to work to protect ourselves and our communities against COVID-19 and other viruses.

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ISBN: 9781472293978
Headline Publishing Group
Publication date:
Pages: 240