Māori Philosophy

Māori Philosophy

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Covering the symbolic systems and worldviews of the Indigenous peoples of Aotearoa, New Zealand, this book is a concise introduction to Maori philosophy. It addresses core philosophical issues including Maori notions of the self, the world, epistemology, the form in which Maori philosophy is conveyed, and whether or not Maori philosophy has a teleological agenda.

Introducing students to key texts, thinkers and themes, the book includes:

  • A Maori-to-English glossary and an index
  • Accessible interpretations of primary source material
  • Teaching notes, and reflections on how the studied material engages with contemporary debates
  • End-of-chapter discussion questions that can be used in teaching
  • Comprehensive bibliographies and guided suggestions for further reading.

Maori Philosophy is an ideal text for students studying World Philosophies, or anyone who wishes to use Indigenous philosophies or methodologies in their own research and scholarship.