Queen of Muck

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Lucy and Lily's Granddad is missing and they're desperate to find him. But first they must survive a great and unusual adventure filled with brutes in nail-polish, a strange bookshop, a children-eating beast, a huge rock and secret tunnel, a very bad orchestra, rotten tricks, flying chunks of cupcake, a talking fox, vomiting, swords, sneak-walking and someone who really isn't very nice.

Isaac Thackray has funny words and strange ideas falling out of him like coins from his pockets. Sometimes he will bend over, pick them up and put them with other words and ideas. Then he will stare at them while drinking coffee and shuffle them about until they turn into something. Many think this is strange and wonder what he is doing. Or if he is doing anything at all. But some people know the truth. You might be one of them.
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