Run And Hide

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'A spectacular, illuminating work of fiction' Jennifer Egan

'Terrific . . . elegantly written, incisively observed, and deeply satisfying to read' Kamila Shamsie
'A book that demands to be read and rewards reading' Mohsin Hamid
Arun knows there is only way out of this small railway town. He is about to enrol in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, determined to make something of himself. But once there, he meets two friends who are prepared to go to unimaginable lengths to succeed.

In just a few years, Arun's friends become the success stories of their generation. In private planes and expensive cars, from New York to Tuscany, they play out their Gatsby-style fantasies.

In reality, these men are about to pay for their transgressions, but who exactly will pay the price? Will it be Arun? Will it be Alia, a female writer and influencer, who is piecing together the story of a big global financial scandal?

Run and Hide is a novel about a group of friends in an age of upheaval and breakdown; it is a story for our times.

'Pankaj Mishra returns to fiction after two decades with a gripping and remarkable novel - his best work yet. It captures the trajectory of our time through insights and moments that are startling, pure, and have a strange inevitability' Amit Chaudhuri

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