Silent Warrior Transformation

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We all have a Silent Warrior inside. It’s the part of you that keeps going when times get tough.

As a woman in her 20s, Paula was living a conventional life, busy creating a strong financial foundation with her husband before starting a family. However, at age 28, a fated moment sent her world into turmoil. Sneaking up silently and without warning, she soon learned that what she thought was solid and true, was in fact, not. The emotional fallout that followed became the catalyst that sent her body into premature menopause.

By 30, Paula was post-menopausal, separated from her husband, and weathering the storms of depression. How did she turn her life around? By developing her Silent Warrior.

In Silent Warrior – Transformation, Paula reveals her journey of body, mind, and spirit as she courageously navigates a life of synchronicity and life-changing experiences that influence not only her life, but the lives of others.

From her shocking diagnosis, the twisting pathways of loss and grief, to deep love and transformation, Paula’s journey will inspire you and show you that by following your heart, and developing a Silent Warrior spirit, you too can overcome life’s challenges, and watch magic unfold.

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ISBN: 9780473675844

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Pages: 288