Steady: Keeping Calm in a World Gone Viral

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How do you deal with uncertainty and anxiety when your world is upended by the coronavirus pandemic? 

Dr Sarb Johal, an expert in emergency management and disaster psychology, had to answer that question for an entire country as he helped develop the world-leading response that saw Covid-19 stamped out by the ‘team of five million’ in his home country of New Zealand. The lessons, which we can all apply in our daily lives, are in this timely book.

Full of easy-to-follow, practical tools and tips, Steady can get you through any crisis or change of circumstance with your mental health intact. You’ll learn how to deal with uncertainty; the psychological impact of empathy — both on ourselves when we offer it, and to those who receive it; along with practical ideas around introducing structure into your life and how this can help reduce stress and contain feelings of panic.

Steady is for anyone wanting to strengthen their capacity to ride the possible coming waves of Covid-19 — as well as life’s general ups and downs — with more calm, ease and a sense of groundedness.

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