Sylvia and the Birds

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Part graphic biography, part practical guide to protecting our bird wildlife, this remarkable book for young readers and their families is fully committed to detailing the wonders of our native birds, the threats they face and how we can help them. Based on the life of ‘The Bird Lady’, Sylvia Durrant, who helped over 140,000 sick, injured and lost birds during her lifetime, it inspires a reverence for the natural world and is a call to action to all young ecologists and environmentalists.

With charming illustrations by Sarah Laing, an engrossing text, matauranga Maori insights, activities and how-tos, it offers hours of enchantment and engagement.
Whimsical, loving and layered, Sylvia and the Birds makes a unique contribution to children’s knowledge of the natural world.

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ISBN: 9780995140783
Massey University Press
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