The Aotearoa New Zealand Legal System: Structures and Processes (7th edition)

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An introduction to the Aotearoa New Zealand legal system, its institutions, and the way law is created and implemented.

by Jacinta Ruru (Author) Paul Scott (Author) Duncan Webb (Author)

The Aotearoa New Zealand Legal System: Structures and Processes is an introductory text for first-year law students at Aotearoa New Zealand’s universities. Written in a clear, straightforward manner that is accessible and easy to follow, The Aotearoa New Zealand Legal System looks at the structures and processes that define and shape our law: the New Zealand constitution, Te Titiri o Waitangi, New Zealand’s court system, and the legal profession. It also provides a framework for understanding, interpreting, and applying legal rules for those coming to the topic of law for the first time.

This edition has been revised and updated to incorporate changes to legislation and statute law, and includes an expanded discussion of tikanga Māori, Māori and the constitution, and the New Zealand Bill of Rights. It retains appendices containing practical tools and techniques to help students with their writing and research.


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