The Birdcage Library

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1932. Emily Blackwood, adventuress and plant hunter, travels north for a curious new commission. A gentleman has written to request she catalogue his vast collection of taxidermied creatures before sale.


On arrival, Emily finds a ruined castle, its owner haunted by a woman who vanished five decades before. And when she discovers the ripped pages of a diary, crammed into the walls, she realises dark secrets lie here, waiting to entrap her too...

The Birdcage Library will hold you in its spell until the final page.

'An atmospheric read - add in a literary treasure hunt and this is irresistible' GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

'Deliciously creepy and very clever. Keeps you glued until the final twist' WOMAN & HOME

'Compulsive. A twisty, atmospheric tale of dark secrets and hidden clues' KATE HAMER

'Wonderfully gothic and immersive' I NEWSPAPER

'Gothic, gorgeous, atmospheric; an immersive page-turner to be swept up in' ELLERY LLOYD

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ISBN: 9781472276360
Publication date:
27 June 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 385