The Book of Eve

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Beatrice is the convent's librarian. For years, she has shunned the company of her sisters, finding solace only with her manuscripts. Then, one carnival night, two women, bleeding and stricken, are abandoned outside the convent's walls. Moments from death, one of them presses something into Beatrice's hands: a bewitching book whose pages have a dangerous life of their own.

But men of the faith want the book destroyed, and a zealous preacher has tracked it to her door. Her sisters' lives - or her obsession. Beatrice must decide.

The book's voice is growing stronger.

An ancient power uncoils.

Will she dare to listen?

More praise for THE BOOK OF EVE:

'What an extraordinary book' Harriet Tyce

'A ravishing, erudite feminist hijack of Renaissance Florence' Alice Albinia

'A beautifully written, utterly enthralling read' Karen Coles

'Mysterious, bewitching and beautiful' Elizabeth Lee

'Brutal and haunting' Melissa Fu

'Erudite and bewitching' Costanza Casati

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ISBN: 9781472276094
Publication date:
28 March 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 368