The Bushman's Son

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The story of this Bushman's youngest son starts in 1960s' small town New Zealand where life didn't come without its challenges.

This true story begins with a lot of rugby, beer, pig hunting and the socialising that was all part of our basic Kiwi lifestyle. However there was me, Terry, different from the rest of my siblings, separated by design and confusing to my parents...

This book takes you through a journey out of Tokoroa and into the world where I tried most things, tasted as much forbidden fruit as I could and did my best to experience all life had to offer at the time, but maybe all that glitters isn't always gold.

My extended family's backstory paints a picture of love, heartache, rebellion and loss that many of us would not recover from .Did I conform, did I behave, did I make amends and forgive?Prepare to be challenged, pushed and pulled in all directions as this story seldom has a quiet moment. Desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes in our lives we react in a way that we later regret, or at least try to.

Fatherhood, coming out as gay, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll all rolled into one story.Not just drama - more like adventure with the everlasting search for aresolution.

Ngaru NuiNgaru RoaNgaru paewhenua

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ISBN: 9781800163607
Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers
Publication date:
Pages: 265