The Dressmaker & The Hidden Soldier

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A prisoner of war's daring escape from a speeding train . . . a Greek resistance heroine's fateful decision to harbour the fugitive . . . and a young dressmaker's curiosity spark a chain of events that has consequences none of them could ever have imagined.

The Dressmaker & the Hidden Soldier is based on the extraordinary true story of Peter Blunden, the New Zealand soldier, and Thalia Christidou, the young Greek dressmaker, and Tasoula Paschilidou, the resistance heroine.

What follows is an epic love story set in a country under Hitler's oppressive regime.

With the Nazis closing in, Peter makes another courageous escape, Thalia is threatened by betrayal, and Tasoula is sent to a concentration camp.

Will Tasoula survive? What will become of Peter and Thalia's undeclared love?

ISBN: 9781991006226
Allen & Unwin
Publication date:
29 August 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 312