The Last Days of Joy

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Meet the Tobin family ...

Joy - the mother
Unconscious in a hospital bed, Joy's latest act has thrown the family into turmoil

Frances - the middle child
Seemingly perfect wife and mother, Frances is having inappropriate dreams about an ex, and might be about to derail her whole life

Conor - the protector
Successful and famous, high-flyer Conor is walking a fine line between self-promotion and self-detonation

Sinead - the baby of the family
Bohemian rebel, trying to write the story she needs to tell, but despising herself for failing to do it

As Joy hovers between life and death, the siblings must come together to face their past. It's the only chance they have of unlocking the future.

A stunning novel about complex family dynamics, the intricacies of motherhood, marriage, and infidelity, and the lingering power of past trauma, which echoes down generations.

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ISBN: 9781869715199
Moa Press
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