The Mitford Secret

The Mitford Secret

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In the final, sixth whodunnit in the much-acclaimed The Mitford Murders series, Deborah Devonshire hosts a party at Chatsworth at which a murder is revealed...


It's 1941, and the Mitford household is splintered by the vicissitudes of war. To bring the clan together - maybe for one last time - Deborah invites them to Chatsworth for Christmas, along with a selection of society's most impressive and glamorous guests, as well as old family friend Louisa Cannon, a private detective.

One night, a psychic arrives, and to liven things up Deborah agrees she may host a seance. But entertainment turns to dark mystery as the psychic reveals that a maid was murdered in this very same house - and she can prove it.

Louisa steps forward to try to solve the cold case. But with a house full of people who want nothing more than to bury their secrets, will she be able to unmask the murderer? And how deep does the truth lie?

ISBN: 9780751580686
Publication date:
NOV 8, 2022
Trade Paperback