The Tw*t Files

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A hugely relatable, funny, honest and inspirational 'memoir of sorts' in which Dawn celebrates what it means to be gloriously, messily human

When I was younger I wanted to be an interesting, sophisticated, semi-heroic, multi-layered person.

BUT. That kind of perfect is impossible. Being an actual twat is much more the real me. Sorry to boast, but I am a champion twat.

In The Twat Files I will tell you about all the times I've been a total and utter twat. The moments where I've misunderstood stuff and messed up. My hope is that these stories might fire up yer engines to remind you of just what a massive twat you also are.

Let's celebrate and revel in this most delightful of traits together. That would be perfectly twatty.

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ISBN: 9780241477496
Publication date:
17 October 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 400