Native Insects of Aotearoa

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Part of the Te Papa Te Taiao Nature Series, this accessible introduction to a range of the native insects encountered in Aotearoa New Zealand is written by two expert entomologists from our national museum, Te Papa.

It features fifty species, from moths and dragonflies to wētā and beetles and also offers insights into the museum’s fieldwork and collections.

The book is charmingly illustrated with scientific drawings by Des Helmore (Fauna of New Zealand series) and reproductions of the entomological paintings of George Vernon Hudson (An Exquisite Legacy).

Each book in this lightweight, hardback series – designed by award-winning designer Tim Denee – has a crisp look and feel, ideal for pocketing for tramps, or for using at home.

ISBN: 9781991165541
Te Papa Press
Publication date:
November 2023
Pages: 136