Gangster's Paradise

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The much anticipated follow-up to the bestseller that exposed the escalation of organised crime in New Zealand.

Gangster's Paradise is about drugs, guns, gangs and money. Lots of money.

A gang which took over a small rural town. A police officer shot and killed in a routine traffic stop. A port-worker who helped a gang whisk a shipping container off a wharf in the middle of the night. A crew of corrupt baggage handlers smuggling meth into the country during Covid lockdowns. A shooting inside a 5-star hotel in broad daylight. Turf wars, retaliation, and retribution: new gangs like the Mongols and Comancheros have brought with them better connections with international syndicates, challenging the established gangs like the Head Hunters - so dominant for many years - who have had to up their game in response.

Jared Savage's bestselling book Gangland was about the evolution of gangs in New Zealand. Gangster's Paradise is about the deadly escalation.

ISBN: 9781775542094
Publication date:
4 October 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 320