Rules & Rebels Daring to be Yourself in Business

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A book written by Erika Achilles - Founder and Creative Director of Anyone's Daughter. Daring to be yourself in business can be easier than you think. Rules and Rebels is going to change your business, your thinking, your direction, and maybe even change your life. After decades in the fashion industry, with some great successes and spectacular failures, Erika Achilles blends her personal stories with the important business and life lessons she has learned along the way. She believes you can’t confuse bad decisions with bad luck and that success is about trusting your instincts and knowing which rules to follow and which rules to break, doing business on your own terms and daring to be yourself. Be a rebel. Write your own rules.
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ISBN: 9780473507879

Publication date:
9 December 2019
Trade Paperback
Pages: 187