The Resilience Toolkit

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A peak-performance psychologist and coach on the simple steps anybody can take to unlock your full potential and achieve your best with calm and control

We assume that heroes are wired differently from the rest of us. They overcome fear, doubt and pain to thrive under the most challenging conditions. But the only difference between them and us is choosing resilience: the ability to dig deep and be curious enough to explore life at the edge of possibility.

In this practical handbook on building and sustaining your own resilience, peak-performance psychologist Dr Alia Bojilova draws on her work with the SAS, Olympic athletes, contemporary leaders and successful entrepreneurs to help you unlock your potential in everyday life.

Guiding readers through a four-step process – to develop clearer awareness, deeper belonging, broader curiosity, and stronger drive – The Resilience Toolkit is a proven playbook on embracing the unknown with greater confidence and learning to recover faster from setbacks.

The real measure of resilience is whether you choose to discover what you're capable of. So ... will you?

ISBN: 9781775542025
Publication date:
2 August 2023
Trade Paperback
Pages: 304